Is Stripchat Legit? – Independent, Data-driven Research

We’ve seen many reviews online claiming that Stripchat is a scam. But how do we know if these claims are true? Are they just trying to make money from us?

In order to find out whether Stripchat is legit, we decided to conduct our own independent research. We used data analysis techniques to determine whether Stripchat was legitimate.

We found that Stripchat is not a scam, and we’m going to share with you why.

About Stripchat

Stripchat is an online platform where users can watch live cam shows featuring nude women. This is done via webcam feeds, which allow viewers to see the woman’s body while she performs various sex acts.

It is a very popular cam site, averaging over 400 million visits per month.

Users can register through social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

There are three main options available: Girls, guys, transgenders, and many categories of girls (including teens, milfs, amateurs, asians, etc).

Stripchat offers three different options for viewing content: Live cams, videos, and picture galleries.

1- Live cams feature real-time webcam streams, allowing viewers to view the performer’s body.

2- Videos feature prerecorded clips that were uploaded to the site. These clips range from 10 seconds to 30 minutes long.

3- Picture Galleries show thumbnails of the performers’ profile pages.

Stripchat was founded in 2016, and has been growing ever since.

It now boasts millions of registered users and hundreds of thousands of active daily visitors.

Stripchat has won multiple awards, including Cam Site of the Year and Cam Company of the Year at the XBIZ Europe Awards.

Stripchat statistics

Here are some numbers from Stripchat.

Stripchat is one of the largest sites in the world: rank 42 globally and 70 in the United States. It is also in the top ten of all sites in the ‘adult’ category.

Stripchat statistics
Screenshot from Similarweb*

It has over 805 million visits per month.

Stripchat statistics (monthly visits)
Screenshot from Similarweb*

The 5 countries where Stripchat is most popular are: United States, Germany, Japan and Italy.

Stripchat statistics (Top countries)
Screenshot from Similarweb*

Is Stripchat legit?

Websites offering adult entertainment services can be scams. To find out if Stripchat is legit, let’s look to the most reliable and independent analysis and review tools.

Stripchat on Scamadviser

Scamadviser gives the highest reliability score to Stripchat (100/100).

Is Stripchat legit - Camadviser
Screenshot from Scamadviser*

Among the main elements in favor of Stripchat’s security are:

  • The website is very old
  • The website doesn’t contain any malicious code according to Flashstart.
  • The website has been verified by Trend Micro.

Among the main negative or suspicious elements are:

  • The owner of the site uses a service to hide his/her identity from WHOIS.
  • The website seems to offer games for download
  • The online store offers anonymous payment options.

Stripchat on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a site that relies solely on user reviews. It does not analyze any technical or structural factors that determine the trustworthiness of a site.

The low number of reviews on Stripchat makes the overall rating unreliable.

Stripchat reviews on Trustpilot
Screenshot from Trustpilot*

Stripchat on Scam-Detector

Scam-detector gives the highest security score to Stripchat (100/100).

Is Stripchat legit - Scam-Detector
Screenshot from Scam Detector*

The summary of their analysis is:

It’s no wonder that the VLDTR tool rated so highly. After all, they’ve been an authoritative site for years now. It means that the business is safe and legit.

Stripchat on IsLegitSite

IsLegitSite considers Stripchat as potentially legit.

Is Stripchat legit - IsLegitSite
Screenshot from IsLegitSite*

Among the factors analyzed are:
– the absence of blocklists on the domain
– the popularity of the website
– the presence of secure https connection on all pages of the site

Stripchat on Scamfoo

Scamfoo considers Stripchat as potentially safe.

Is Stripchat legit - Scamfoo
Screenshot from Scamfoo*

Among the factors analyzed are:
– the absence of blocklists on the domain
– the site is not currently listed as suspicious on SafeBrowsing
– The old age of the web domain (it was purchased in 2006)

Stripchat on Trustscam

Trustscam gives an intermediate score to Stripchat (52.2/100).

Is Stripchat legit - Trustscam
Screenshot from Trustscam*

The main checks that the site fails are related to parameters common to all adult sites: unsafe content for minors and anonymization of the domain owner’s identity.

Our verdict

In conclusion: is Stripchat safe? Is it legit?

Based on this data and our personal experience on Stripchat, here is Sexypedia’s verdict:




The top 3 safe alternatives to Stripchat

  1. CAM4 (safe link to visit the website)
  2. Chaturbate (safe link to visit the website)
  3. Streamate (safe link to visit the website)


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