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Are you looking for a legit webcam site? Do you want to find out whether Streamate is legitimate? Or maybe you just want to see how many visitors Streamate gets daily.

There are many cam sites out there, but not all are legitimate. Some are scams, others are fake, and even though most cam sites claim to be 100% legal, that doesn’t mean they are. It’s important to do your research before joining any cam site.

Streamate is a big player in the webcam girls industry and is often considered one of the best choices when considering sex cam sites.

We’ve extensively researched Streamate and found that it has over 7 million monthly unique users. In addition, we looked at the top cam sites and compared them with Streamate. We also checked out the FTC website to ensure that Streamate was legit.

After reviewing all these data points, we concluded that Streamate is legit. In this article, we share our findings with you.

About Streamate

Streamate is one of the world’s oldest and most popular erotic cam sites. It is a service based in the United States in Seattle but hosts camgirls worldwide.

Is Streamate safe?

When you join Streamate, you can either register for free (just putting your email address) or upgrade to a paid account. Free accounts let you see public cam shows, while paid accounts let you see private cam shows.

Once you’ve joined Streamate, you can browse through the different categories. Each category contains thousands of live chat rooms and videos from various models.

You may purchase credits for private cam shows. You can use credits to purchase private cam sessions and exclusive chat, to tip the girls during cam shows, or buy gifts such as flowers, chocolates, lingerie, and toys. 

You can rate each cam show to keep the services as safe as possible, helping other users in their choices. Ratings range from 1 star (lowest) to 5 stars (highest).

Streamate offers several payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and gift cards.

Streamate statistics

Here are some numbers from Streamate.

Streamate is an old, big global website: ranks 5,506 globally and 2,052 in the United States. It is also in the top 200 of all sites in the ‘adult’ category.

Streamate popularity's statistics
Screenshot from Similarweb* (August 2022)

It has over 7 million visits per month.

Streamate popularity's statistics
Screenshot from Similarweb* (August 2022)

The five countries where Stremate is most popular are United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, and Germany.

Streamate popularity's statistics
Screenshot from Similarweb* (August 2022)

Is Streamate legit?

Websites offering adult entertainment services can be scams. To find out if Streamate is legit, let’s look to the most reliable, independent analysis and review tools.

Streamate on Scamadviser

Scamadviser gives the highest reliability score to Streamate (100/100), even if customer reviews look quite bad.

Is Streamate legit? - Scamadviser
Screenshot from Scamadviser*

Among the main elements in favor of Streamate’s security are:

  • DNSFilter has labeled this site as safe.
  • Checked for malware by Flashstart
  • Trend Micro has verified this website.

Among the principal negative or suspicious elements are:

  • The identity of the domain name registrant is hidden on whois
  • There was an issue with negative reviews for this website.

Streamate on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a review site that relies entirely on user reviews. It doesn’t look at anything related to a site’s technical or structural aspects.

Trustpilot score is, therefore, more helpful in determining the overall user experience rather than elements related to site security.

Streamate reviews on Trustpilot
Screenshot from Trustpilot*

Streamate on Scam Detector

Scam-detector gives the highest security score to Streamate (100/100).

Is Streamate safe? - Scam Detector
Screenshot from Scam-Detector*

Their conclusion is:

You can always find people who complain about something they’re unhappy about or feel they’ve been cheated out of money. It doesn’t matter which platform you use; sometimes, it matters who uses it. It could be the same with too.

Streamate on IsLegitSite

IsLegitSite considers Streamate as potentially legit.

Is Streamate safe? - IsLegitSite
Screenshot from IsLegitSite*

Factors considered include:

  • Domain creation date
  • HTTPS safe connection
  • Website popularity

Streamate on Scamfoo

Scamfoo considers Streamate as potentially safe.

Is Streamate legit? - Scamfoo
Screenshot from Scamfoo*

Factors considered include:

  • Check domain blocklists from multiple third-party security service providers
  • Check if Google classifies as malicious software on Safe Browsing
  • Check on the valid HTTPS secure connection

Streamate on Trustscam

Trustscam assigns a very low score to Stremate (4.2/100).

Is Streamate safe? - Trustscam
Screenshot from Trustscam*

One aspect that stands out in evaluating this tool is safety for children.

A second aspect where critical issues are reported in Streamate’s service is past reports of malware or viruses by some users.

Our verdict

In conclusion: is Streamate safe? Is it legit?

Based on this data and our personal experience on Streamate, here is Sexypedia’s verdict:




The top 3 safe alternatives to Streamate

  1. LiveJasmin (safe link to visit the website)
  2. Stripchat (safe link to visit the website)
  3. CAM4 (safe link to visit the website)


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